Today, I want to share three things I’ve learned from my friend, Caleb GardnerCaleb is the founding partner of 18 Coffees, a consulting company that focuses on digital strategy. Among other notable roles and achievements,Caleb was the Digital Director for President Obama’s Organizing For America (OFA), working in that strategic role for over 3 years.

Caleb is such an amazing person. I met him through a mutual friend, and he was so gracious to come to my office to meet with me.  I thought that was really amazing. At that point, I didn’t know much about him, but our mutual friend constantly told Caleb and I that we needed to meet each other. “You guys share the same passion, and you two need to meet because your minds are amazing,“ he said.

Caleb is going to be our keynote speaker at Purpose Fest 2019, which is really cool because he is going to share his story, and talk about how to launch your own startup. If you ever wanted to start your own business or your own nonprofit organization, you should come out and learn from him.

Here are three things I’ve learned from Caleb:

The first one is Humility.

I was really touched that without knowing much about who I was, or what I did, he was willing to come to my office to meet with me. It was during that conversation that I found that he had worked as a Digital Director for OFA, and for me, that was amazing because even with that level of work, connections, and influence, he is still actively meeting new people, connecting and engaging new relationships, which is optimally opening new doors.

The second thing I’ve learned from Caleb is “Have a Giving/Sharing mentality.”

He is someone that, through his work at 18 Coffees, is bridging the gap between technology and humanity, and I think it is really awesome that he writes, speaks and teaches it. This is what he lives for, and he gets to travel around the world to teach it and help people learn more about the digital age.

When I was working as Creative Director for the Amara For Mayor Campaign, Calebgraciously came to do a free training session for my Social Media team. Leveraging his ideas, the team was able to step up their game. I’m still getting amazing national referrals based on the work we did till today.

The third thing I learned from Caleb is “Communities increase influence.”

I love the fact that 18 Coffees has an event called Wake Up Wired, and through that, they are able to bring different professionals together to talk about innovation, technology, advocacy and some of the other things that I had the opportunity to be a part of when I attended Wake Up Wired. So, if you are in the Chicago area and you want to be a part of that, go to Eventbrite and search for Wake Up Wired, and you can attend any of their upcoming events.

Those are some of the things I’ve learned from Caleb. I am excited that he is going to be at Purpose Fest this year, and definitely looking forward to hearing him speak.

You can register @ and use “warrior” or “fighter” to get discounts for a limited time.

Committed to your success,

Rotimi Kehinde