The ultimate test of faith as some call it is finding answers when we suffer…..especially in moments when our trust in God is tested to the limit. In situations where our lives are threatened; in those painful moments where the situation stands like a Goliath and defies you and whatever concept of faith you have managed to believe, it is at those moments that we are formed into champions of faith.

“You must pass the test of faith!” A preacher once bellowed into a microphone as I sat listening with rapt attention. “To get to the next level, you must pass the test!” The preacher continued.

I sat slightly bemused and slightly ashamed that it was possible that I was a faith failure, cursed to struggle at believing God at the same puny level while others shook their world and touched their generation. What was wrong with me?

Maybe you are like me and you have found your relationship with God easier when the times were calm, with no war at your walls and no distant thunder signaling a soon coming storm. Like moving into a bigger house, getting a raise at work, meeting your spouse or any of those nice things that give us a cause to rejoice and say “Thank you Lord!”

The truth is the easy times give us a false sense of the depth of our relationship with God. Today’s Christianity encourages us to believe that a fat bank account must mean prosperity and perfect health means the blessing…..the goodie goodie life because “Jesus already paid the price.” While these are fruits of the blessing, our focus should be on relationship not on comfort.

The truth is the easy times give us a false sense of the depth of our relationship with God.

Are we actually developing warriors of faith or wimps who plummet into fear when something does not quite align with the plan?

Let us go back to the basics.

Warriors are made for the day of adversity. The Bible says that if you fall in the day of adversity, your strength is weak….This does not mean that we should expect evil; it means wage the good war of faith while things are smooth and when things get rocky, you will be in tune winning every time.

It means having a stronger relationship with God based on love, enjoying His presence not because You need Him to ship to you a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card but because you love your Father and cannot do without His presence.

I have seen too many Christians pray fervently only when something threatens their job or their health or their marriage. I have seen too many chase God through raging oceans when all He expects from us is to simply say “Peace, be still.”

It means having a stronger relationship with God based on love, enjoying His presence

This frantic desperate ‘using’ of God as a ‘deliver-me-pill” is pathetic. It is like a lover who always forgets to call, regularly coming back to get a loan out of desperation when things are ‘tight.’

It is faith amplified by fear. Period. It turns the Creator into an idol who we can bribe just because hell is breaking loose.

I am guilty as well. When everything is smooth, I am chill. When something goes wrong, I look for my bread and juice and ‘wage war.’ How about dealing with things before they go bad?

The Bible also says to prepare for war in the time of peace. It is sad that churches wait for a major crises to happen before effecting necessary changes and couples wait for the weeds of disconnection to develop before attempting to ‘fix’ things.

I am learning from the season we are in but first, I am embracing the King in this storm already knowing how it ends. Here is to hoping my fervency outlasts this storm but I can say: This test is good and it is about time for another faith promotion.

Have a blessed week.