This year, journey with us as we study the heart, mind and passion of God. We focus on the source of life and existence itself. We will not only talk about His acts, we will dig deep into His ways.

Father of Spirits (FOS) reaches far back in time to the beginning of the conflict between good and evil, even before the garden of Eden. We delve into diverse depths of God; understanding His heart and unending love.

Man is beyond and more than the casing called flesh. The breathe of God gave life to man and made him a living being. He is a spirit, that has a soul and lives in a body. Mankind was made for a particular purpose and not knowing this purpose is leaving millions all over the world lost in a blind state of confusion. They strive for success built upon ambition and the mere contuse of feelings, wasted on the sands of time. If you are not living for the King, you are merely marking time.

Note that it is biblical for unbelievers to own huge corporations or manage huge funds. The bible says that God has given them the job of gathering and amassing wealth, preserved overtime for the saints of God. This is indeed that season, our time- the golden age of the church, when we will rise up to claim that which rightfully belongs to us. This doesn’t mean we should be lazy and complacent holding tight to some false delusion. We are to occupy until Jesus comes. We should pour our gifts out, engage skillfully, using our jobs and careers to glorify God. We are to start companies, and intricately deploy our gifts to serve our generation.

The supernatural wealth transfer is not coming to idle hands. The Father of all, desires that we draw closer to Him so we can function supernaturally on the earth led by His Spirit in us. God desires to express His love to the very ends of the earth. Jesus is not coming again to die for the world. It was a love gift given for all eternity, settled once and for all to bridge the gap between us and God.

God wants to showcase Himself this year as a father. Fathers represent a seal of authority, dominion and protection. Fatherhood speaks of shepherding and shielding, nurturing and succoring the sheep. God is the father of all existence; the Lord over all life and the supreme sovereign One who is good, just and utterly loving. There is none like Him.

In 2012, dive deep into the reality of the throne room, the heavenly kingdom, into the presence of God Almighty, a mighty and massive host of angels, the conspiracy of the devil, the redemptive plan of salvation, the day to day battle for the spirits and souls of men. Open your heart to the passion of God, His emotions, His absolute love, His great and mighty acts, His words, ways, and mind.

Welcome to 2012. Welcome to the year of deep intimacy with the Lord of life, the King of all existence, the Source of existence, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the One who upholds the universe, the One who’s kingdom is eternal and forevermore, the One who’s glory and magnificence is beyond what natural eyes can behold; the mysterious mystery and unchangeable changer, the dominion giver, Healer and eternal Love expressed- the Father of Spirits.