I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the passing of Dr. & Mrs. Munroe to glory. One way or another, he must have made an impact on your life. Maybe I’m just one of those fortunate people who had the opportunity to have had him lay his hand on my head or sit beside him at a dinner table, or exchange a warm hand-shake and even take a picture.

I’ll never forget when he took off his own Kingdom influencer brooch and pinned it on my jacket when he ran out of the ones he was giving out. He told me with his signature smile and accent, “Son, you must be blessed because I have worn this brooch to nations and to meetings with presidents.”

Beyond those memories, I’m reminded that he touched his world; that he poured himself like a drink into a world thirsty for purpose yet clamoring for counterfeits.

Dr. Myles served his generation and generations to come with a rare laser-like focus. I spent the better part of yesterday reflecting, taking stock and finding comfort in the truth that God is faithful, always, even when we don’t understand. I feel strengthened even now in that singular fact- God is always faithful.

I’m encouraged by that truth. There’s so much more for us to do. We cannot rest our oars and relax. This is our moment in history to release ourselves to the call, to go above and beyond the ordinary, to be poured out, to touch lives, to reach our generation.

Our greatest focus should be on fulfilling purpose, not chasing after things that have no eternal value at the expense of purpose. God is always faithful. Are you?

A Tribute to Dr. Myles Munroe

Father. mentor. friend.
Our hearts are full of questions
Tears adorn our faces
Grief finds the only solace
In the grace and comfort only God can give
In the reality of you touching your generation
In a legacy often unmatched
You walked through the fields of want
To the palaces of Kings
Touching lives with the message of the Kingdom
Young and Old alike found purpose
Great men and women were shaped
We received Insight, wisdom and knowledge
Through the practicality of your message
And humility of spirit
Your words lit a fire in our hearts
Causing us to rise as champions
Representing the King
Taking His banner to the nations
Challenging the status-quo
Spreading kingdom culture all over the earth
This is not the end
It is only the beginning
As sons and daughters arise
Standing, Shining, Doing
A legacy of truth cannot waste
Years of your seed sown must now find expression
We rise
With one heart and one mind
To touch our world
To light up every dark crevice
Kingdom culture everywhere
This is only the beginning
But first we say Thank You
Father. mentor. friend.

Enjoy the timeless moments below:

Dr Myles and Rotimi 1496337_10154814296720274_1362937128812495055_o

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