Livid, boiling and raging tempest

Murky expanse of inner turmoil

Sick shadow of covered sentiment

Sinnered saint

Revelled taint of bleached evil


Sad, sobered and severe

Needy and weak, withering and numb

Covered sin mutes the smile

Shocking absorbed similitude of sense

Earthly wisdom given grave consequence


Return my hand to the plow

When darkest night nears

And driest moment passes

Give me pause… Lord of Grace

Though unthinkable in my shame


My heaviness a blessing

I’m wearied by spirit and maimed by flesh

Save me from my inner deceit

Cut me off my raging crave

My soul seeks sanctuary


My face following fervently forward

Solve my soiled solace

Sift me through my Savior

Show me the divine path

Grace given cannot be gone


Find me Father

I’ve gone rogue and want home


(c) 2012  Rotimi Kehinde. Use with permission.