This book can be described in many different phrases but I choose to use the word, Unique. It is definitely one of a kind that helps portray an extraordinary depth of knowledge of your capacities and the impact of not accomplishing your divine calling.

Astoundingly animated, it creates a live image in the depths of your mind that challenges you to set out to discover, find and possess your vision in order to expand the kingdom.

This is done by the creative writing of the author who brings zest and zeal to this revelation and awakens/rejuvenates hidden and dead dreams in your life; daring you to accomplish your dreams, knowing the consequences otherwise.


Unlike many new novels of this generation, this book is one of the most inspiring and beautifully written books I have read. I recommend this book to all people of all ages as it can inspire both the young and the old. The book is a page-turner as it really focuses on the reader.

By capturing a world where dreams are ever-present and ever-lasting, the novel and story will captivate the reader’s attention from the start. Lastly, I give kudos to the author for writing such an inspirational and creative novel which all people can enjoy and relate to.


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The Valley of Dead Dreams is an inspired revelation of a world where dreams go when they are unfulfilled in the real world. This powerful story is told with captivating and riveting imagery, visionary detail and narrated in first person. Enter into a world of dreams, fascinating landscapes, and realms within realms. See the battle of life unfold before your very eyes; the valley of dead dreams will expose the truth of the spiritual realm and showcase a reality where our actions and inaction meet the truth of consequence.

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1.   Introduction

2.   The grove of silence

3.   The Gatekeeper

4.   The Valley of thorns

5.   The Knell of Ambition

6.   Presence

7.   Crystal

8.   The Sky-Shaft

9.   The Lake of Color

10. The Real Me

11. The Alliance of  Warriors

12. The Communion

13. My Worst Fear

14. Blind Lust

15. The Graveyard of Dreams

16. The Wind, the Oil And the Fire

17. The Champion At The Gate

18. The Rebirth

19. Epilogue – No Dream Dies Today

20. The Cross of Life

21. About GodKulture

22. Other Works

23. About the Author