Hi Dreamer,


Permit me to call you that. I’m sure you have a dream. In fact, everyone does even if they fail to realize it.


Could the next medical breakthrough be lodged inside of you? Could you be the pioneer of the 5G network? Are you the one to champion a global cause that will eradicate viral diseases in affected continents? Is there a global business inside your mind that’s struggling to reach the surface or a foundation that will give opportunities to orphans and the less privileged?


The choice is yours and the path lies before you. Everyday, your actions or inaction determines the final endpoint where your dreams will either become monuments engraved in the hearts and minds of your generation or failures in form of results that never came, goals that were never achieved, missions that remained impossible.


To the dreamer, the mediocre, and those who peddle life on the script of fantasy, this book will rekindle a fire within you that will propel you into the lab, into the basement, into the office where you will handle the hammer and fan the flame to craft your vision into reality.


Enough is enough! Our world suffers because we allow our dreams to die. We seek after self satisfaction offered cheaply for that which pleasures for the moment but leaves no seed in the ground for the future. To discover your God-given purpose is to open your life to vast and amazing treasures that God has assigned to your destiny.


Stop the delay! Stop the waste! Make that move of destiny and start taking those baby steps towards fulfilling your dream.


In my book, The Valley of Dead Dreams, God inspired a visual allegory to communicate the very grave repercussions of wasted dreams. Lost in a world of pain, ill and darkness, I wandered in search of understanding the fullness of my purpose and realized the all too painful truth- That there are enough resources in the world to eradicate poverty, to bring perfect health and for people to live long, healthy lives and find fulfilment. But so many lack the knowledge of the Creator and His divine purpose. Most outrightly reject it.


I hope you will join the campaign and keep the flame of your dream burning brightly. Write it down; it is for an appointed time. Don’t allow the opportunities to go the waste because of lack of preparation. Stand on the verge of destiny and leap!


No dream dies today! Not on my watch!


And stay tuned for the book launch in your city!


Rotimi Kehinde


The Valley of Dead Dreams