The Red Ribbon Open Magazine is an outreach- a platform created specifically to create a global consciousness on healthy living, focusing on the challenge of life-threatening diseases and infections in our world today.

There are certain infections that indeed pose a grave threat to humanity, which unfortunately, have no known or proven cure. HIV… Many deny its existence and the lifestyle of many people – especially in making sex related choices often puts them at risk of catching Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

The open Magazine, thus, serves as a mechanism to educate readers on the truth about STIs and propagates a culture of responsibility and healthy living.

The open Magazine is being developed to have a strong representation of the opinions, stories and interviews of doctors and medical personnel, top business icons, celebrities, organizations, businesses and everyday people.

Not just another magazine. The open Magazine is open to anyone who has something to say or ask about issues that affect life. Using the Internet as a resource center, authors, writers and contributors can post their articles.